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A Map Of The World Review

What American Beauty did for the suburbs, A Map of the World aims to do for the farm life.

I said "aims," of course. A Map of the World is deeply flawed yet still worth a look, especially if you're into grandiose, weepy, self-important dramas. And hey, who isn't?

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Say Anything... Review

Rewatch today what is inevitably going to be one of your favorite movies and see if you don't agree: John Cusack and Ione Skye are one of cinema's biggest loser couples ever. He's into kickboxing. She's the class brain. Together they're a mess, but God help us if we don't want them to end up together. Cameron Crowe crafts one of his best films around the end-of-high-school ennui and the uncertainties that come with that time in your life, but Say Anything... is aging faster than you might think, despite its many classic lines and moments.

Bottle Rocket Review

The moment you know that Dignan's really lost it is during the trio's getaway from a not-so-daring bookstore robbery, when he excitedly states, "We're heading back to Bob's, we're gonna split up the loot, and go on the lam!"

In this hilarious first feature from writer/director Wes Anderson and screenwriter Owen Wilson, a trio of young men with questionable work ethics try in vain to become hardened criminals. Anthony (Owen's brother Luke Wilson) has just "escaped" from a voluntary mental hospital with the help of old pal Dignan (Owen), a neo-manic-depressive who's mapped out his life with felt-tip pen in a 75-year plan. Bob (Bob Musgrave) is the group's timid getaway driver whose main qualification is that he owns a car.

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Pretty Baby Review

Here's the film that introduced the world to Brooke Sheilds' eyebrows.

As a 12-year-old daughter of a prostitute (Susan Sarandon) in 1917 New Orleans (when hooking was legal), Sheilds' Violet immediately becomes one of the most memorable characters in the last 30 years of cinema. But let's be honest, a lot of that is due to the unbridled eroticism of her role. She's not just often naked and carousing, she's pretty blase about it. This is a 12-year-old with about twice the world-weariness of Kramer vs. Kramer's Justin Henry.

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Sugar Town Review

Here's irony for you: Sugar Town is a movie about aged and washed-up rock stars in L.A.... starring aged and washed-up actors in L.A.! I mean, Rosanna Arquette? Ally Sheedy? Beverly D'Angelo??? Typical crap from the extremely untalented Allison Anders, who actually needed Kurt Voss to help her direct this meandering, self-indulgent, and meaningless tripe. Jade Gordon provides the only relief as a klepto wannabe, but that's hardly reason to watch this piece of junk.
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