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Demolition Trailer

Davis Mitchell is very successful in what he does for a living, though he's not as productive when it comes to his marriage. He's an investment banker stuck in the same old daily routine and he tends not to ever think about anything else. However, he is forced to re-evaluate himself and the way he lives his life when his wife Julia dies suddenly in a car accident. His father-in-law and boss Phil doesn't think much of Davis, but encourages him to pick himself up off the ground and start appreciating the world around him. After deciding to file a complaint to a vending machine company, Davis ends up writing numerous letters about his personal struggles and confessions. When they are discovered by a woman named Karen whose struggling to overcome problems of her own, they start a friendship that will encourage Davis to take apart his life, and re-build.

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Obvious Child Review


An inventive take on the rom-com genre, this genuinely hilarious film is even more engaging because its characters and premise are unexpectedly honest. It also has a level of realistic unpredictability, as the feisty characters refuse to behave like the people we normally see in the movies. And the story is consistently laugh-out-loud funny even as the plot is essentially very serious.

It centres on struggling stand-up comic Donna (Jenny Slate), whose regular venue is an open-mic bar in Brooklyn where she's offered moral support by her sparky pals Nellie and Joey (Gaby Hoffmann and Gabe Liedman). She may not make much money, but she has a great life. Her boyfriend (Paul Briganti), on the other hand, is tired of being the butt of all of her best jokes. So he dumps her. Donna reacts by having a meltdown on-stage and then getting drunk in another bar with Max (Jake Lacy). He may be a stranger, but he seems like a nice guy, so she takes him home. A few weeks later she discovers that she's pregnant, and her emotionally supportive friends and parents (Polly Draper and Richard Kind) can't help her make the big decisions ahead of her.

This is a film about a young woman finally taking responsibility for her own life, facing up to some difficult responsibilities and moving forward. But since this is a comedy, it's of course not very smooth sailing. Slate plays the role with impeccable comical timing, somehow making the rather pathetic Donna thoroughly likeable. And the actors around her add crisp humour exactly where its needed, providing much more than mere comic relief: each one is an integral element in Donna's journey. One of the most cringe-inducing sequences features the terrific David Cross as a predatory old friend who offers Donna a riotously messy distraction.

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Premiere Of 'The Fault In Our Stars'

Emma Kenney - Premiere of 'The Fault in Our Stars' at the Ziegfeld Theater - New York City, United States - Monday 2nd June 2014

Emma Kenney
Shailiene Woodley< Sam Trammell and Laura Dern
Shailiene Woodley
Shailiene Woodley
Ansel Elgort
Birdy (Jasmine van den Bogaerde)

Obvious Child Trailer

Donna Stern is a comedienne from Brooklyn who has a very unfunny meltdown on stage after finding out that her best friend has been sleeping with her boyfriend. Subsequently, she loses her stage residency and seeks comfort in her supportive parents and the friends she can still trust. In a bid to ease her pain, she makes a brave move to venture out of her home and she eventually meets a handsome man of a similar personality named Max. He is intrigued by her unapologetic honesty and boundless energy but, after their one night stand, Donna finds herself with one more huge problem. She is now pregnant and feeling pretty dead set on having an abortion, but first she has to tell Max; something that proves harder than it sounds when it becomes obvious that he has made her feel happy again.

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Side Effects Review


Thrillers don't get much more enjoyable than this one, which shifts cleverly from an issue-based drama to an intriguing mystery and finally into riotously camp mayhem. Over his career, Soderbergh has proven himself adept at all three approaches, and the way he and writer Burns morph from one to the other is so mercilessly entertaining that we can't help but smile. And the cast is having a great time playing along with them.

It starts as an expose of psychotropic drugs, as Emily (Mara) struggles with depression after her husband Martin (Tatum) is released following a four-year prison term for insider trading. Emily's therapist Dr Banks (Law) prescribes a series of anti-anxiety pills to help her, adjusting the medication until the side effects even out. But something still isn't right, and a fatal incident leads to a criminal trial. Meanwhile, Banks begins his own investigation into the case, consulting Emily's previous therapist (Zeta-Jones). But the fallout from all of this is threatening both his career and his marriage to Dierdre (Shaw).

Soderbergh gives the film a seductive tone that's irresistible, with his own gleaming cinematography and witty editing, plus a teasing Thomas Newman score. This allows the actors to create layered characters who can constantly surprise us along the way. Law holds our sympathies as a desperate man trying against all odds to get his life back, while Zeta-Jones is icy and dismissive until her character takes a lively turn about halfway in. But it's Mara who's the real revelation in a tricky role. As Emily's world seems to shift and collapse around her, she reveals an astonishing array of emotions and intentions.

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Premiere Of "Side Effects" At AMC Lincoln Square

Michael Wolff and Polly Draper - Premiere of "Side Effects" at AMC Lincoln Square New York NY United States Thursday 31st January 2013

Polly Draper and Michael Wolff
Polly Draper

Opening Night After Party For The Off-Broadway Production Of 'Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays ' Held At 24 Fifth Avenue Party Space.

Craig Bierko Sunday 13th November 2011 Opening Night after party for the Off-Broadway production of 'Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays ' held at 24 Fifth Avenue party space. New York City, USA

Craig Bierko
Craig Bierko
Craig Bierko, Harriet Harris, Mark Consuelos, Polly Draper and Richard Thomas
Craig Bierko
Craig Bierko
Craig Bierko

Jesse Eisenberg Attending The Opening Night Of The Broadway Play 'Lend Me A Tenor' At The Music Box Theatre.

Jesse Eisenberg attending the opening night of the Broadway play 'Lend Me A Tenor' at the Music Box Theatre. Thursday 4th March 2010 New York, USA

Jesse Eisenberg attending the opening night of the Broadway play 'Lend Me A Tenor' at the Music Box Theatre.

Opening Night For The Broadway Play 'After Miss Julie' At The American Airlines Theatre - Outside Arrivals

Polly Draper and her husband Michael Wolff - Polly Draper and her husband Michael Wolff New York City, USA - Opening Night for the Broadway play 'After Miss Julie' at the American Airlines Theatre - outside arrivals Thursday 22nd October 2009

Polly Draper and her husband Michael Wolff
Polly Draper and her husband Michael Wolff

A Perfect Fit Review

Adrian Grenier has become a famous actor by not doing much. In his starring role as Vinny Chase in HBO's Entourage, his main task is to play it cool and quiet while his merry band of buddies runs zany circles all around him. And in The Devil Wears Prada, well, you probably didn't notice him as "the boyfriend."

But Grenier can go all Stanislavski when he has to. In the odd straight-to-video A Perfect Fit, he gets to play a high-voltage psycho, and he has fun with it. Strictly a movie for Grenier completists, it will prove entertaining enough, at least for them.

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The Tic Code Review

Curious little film tells us about a young piano virtuoso named Miles (Chris Marquette) who is stricken with a nervous tic that turns out to be Tourrette's Syndrome. He loves jazz, and soon enough he's playing at the local nightclub, despite his age, and here he meets a kindred spirit in Gregory Hines's Tyrone, also a jazz pianist and also suffering from the same problem. And wouldn't you know it, mom needs a little affection too. Cute and sometimes touching, but it's hardly a total success. Written by Polly Draper, who stars as the mom.
Polly Draper

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