Review of Still Moving Single by Polar

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1. Polar Still Moving (12" - Certificate 18)
Coming from the same school of thought of the likes of Manitoba and Four Tet, Polar base their sound around the abstract and the minimal and they pull it off.
Coming in with all cannons firing, Polar set an impressive precedent with the complex opening, Bipolar Suns - a precedent which is fortunately matched throughout the remaining twelve album tracks.
Electronica is the prevailing theme of this musical novel, but the comprising chapters tell very different stories. From the Art of Noise, to the sensitive side of Alex Reece drum and bass, Polar are ready to tackle all angles. Current single White Walls (The White Chamber EP) adds a dreamy Goldfrapp dimension, whilst Near The Horizon uses Nitin Sawhney Asian enhancements alongside Electribe 101s dubby synths.
The pace stretches from chilled to dancy but the music, like a constantly changing narrative, describes and conjures up images of many different scenes.
This is one book that needs to be read.