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The Book Of Life - International Trailer

Manolo has a lot of pressure forced upon him from his family regarding his future, but all he wants to do is marry the woman of his dreams, Maria. However, he is not the only person who wants to make Maria his wife and he is in serious competition with her charming and handsome suitor (and his own best friend) Joaquin. Meanwhile, two spirits of The Land of the Remembered named La Muerte and Xibalba look upon the scene in fascination during the Day of the Dead; a time when spirits are able to effect the the land of the living as they pass between worlds. They decide to make a bonding wager on who will win Maria's affection, with La Muerte betting on Manolo being the victor. When it looks like she might be right, Xibalba has him killed by a snake and taken over to the Land of the Remembered where he is forced to face his biggest fears in order to see his beloved once again.

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Book Of Life Trailer

In Mexico, two best friends Manolo (Diego Luna) and Joaquin (Channing Tatum) fall in love with the same girl, Maria (Zoe Saldana and so both face each other for her love. Two spirits passing through the world, La Muerte (Kate del Castillo) and Xibalba (Ron Perlman), make a bet over who will triumph out of the two. Muerte on Manolo and Xibalba on Joaquin. When the Xibalba feels the odds are against him, he brings Manolo into The Land Of The Remembered. 

The Book Of Life sees Manolo setting out on an exciting, but dangerous journey across three majestic worlds where he will face his greatest challenges, in order to return to Mexico and win over Maria once and for all.

From producer Guillermo Del Toro, The Book Of Life is an animated comedy film directed by Jorge Gutierrez and written by Gutierrez and Doug Langdale (Aladdin: The Return of Jafar). The Book Of Life sees Gutierrez attempt a Nightmare Before Christmas esque Tim Burton style, with jovially dark animation. With exceptional visuals and a story of fortitude, The Book Of Life should be a loveable film for all.

New York City Opera Facing Bankruptcy On Monday Due To Insufficient Funding

Placido Domingo

The New York City Opera is in dire straits and will likely have to declare bancrupcy on Monday. Earlier this week, the Times reported that the Opera had raised an appeal for donations toward its goal of $7 million, which would prevent the bankruptcy. The City Opera’s board had a meeting this week, facing the possibility of a season it couldn’t pay for. As of this week, the Opera had raised just $1.5 million of its goal.

According to Broadway World, an email from General Manager and Artistic Director notes that the company has gotten slightly closer, now reaching $2 million: "We have just finished our successful run of Anna Nicole, and raised $2 million towards our target of $7 million, however there is only one day left to make a difference and help keep NYC Opera in business.”

Currently, it looks like the Opera will not be able to meet the goal, meaning that it will have to begin bankruptcy proceedings as of this Monday. The Kickstarter campaign to save the Opera is still open, and any willing benefactors can donate here, with all donations payable only if the goal is reached on time.

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Opera Singer Placido Domingo In Hospital For Lung Blood Clot

Placido Domingo

The legendary Opera singer, Placido Domingo, is being treated at a hospital in Madrid for a blood clot in his lung, the BBC have reported. The 72-year-old has been forced to cancel many dates, but fans of his will be relieved to know that a full and healthy recovery is expected.

Placido DomingoPlacido Domingo is one of the most famous singers of his generation

The embolism was the result of deep vein thrombosis, according to his agent, Nancy Seltzer. "Per his doctor's instructions, he will be forced to rest for three to four weeks," she said. "His exact return to his performing engagements remains subject to how fast he can heal and regain his characteristic strength." Five of his performances in Daniel Catán's opera Il Postino, which were to begin on 17 July at the Teatro Real, in Madrid, have now been cancelled.

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Pop Singer Miguel Bose Is Latin Academy's Person of the Year

Miguel Bose Shakira Gloria Estefan Latin Grammy Awards Placido Domingo Carlos Santana

The Spanish-Italian-Panamanian-Colombian pop singer Miguel Bose has been named the Latin Academy's Person of the Year for 2013. The singer, author and actor will be honored at a benefit gala on November 20 in Las Vegas, one day before the 14th annual Latin Grammy Awards.

Bose has recorded over 30 albums over a career spanning three decades - his hit singles include Anna, Salamadra, Te Amare, Sevilla, Como Un Lobo and Si Tu No Vuelves. He has also acted in more than 35 movies. Recognized for both his philanthropic and professional achievements, Bose has worked tirelessly for the Peace Without Borders campaign as well as for Fight Against AIDS.

In the musical world, Bose has collaborated with some one of the biggest acts in the business, including REM's Michael Stipe, soul legend Gloria Gaynor, Latin star Ricky Martin, Colombian pop singer Shakira, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes and Paulina Rubio. He won a Grammy Award in 2001 for his album Sereno.

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