British singer Pixie Lott has visited Zambia in southern Africa to witness how charity cash has transformed the lives of women and their families.

The Mama Do hitmaker flew to the country on behalf of the Sport Relief organisation, which raised $108.6 million (£67.9 million) through fundraising efforts in 2012.

Lott met with young women who had been handed grants to build small businesses and improve their lives, and she is delighted the money has had a positive effect.

In a video documenting her trip, she says, "Thanks to the support of the U.K. government and the money you gave to Sport Relief, so many women have had the opportunity to change their lives. By giving these women a chance to earn an income they can make sure their children are fed, clothed and go to school and can build a brighter future for their families.

"So now I've seen it first hand for myself how much your money has helped changed people's lives, and without you it wouldn't be possible, so thank you."