Pixie Lott thinks her music has ''matured''.

The 23-year-old singer thinks her new, self-titled, third album is her best work yet and admits she feels uncomfortable listening to her early songs because she sounds so ''young''.

She said: ''My early songs sound so young, especially my first album. There was a song on there that I had co-written when I was 14 and my voice sounds so young.

''I think this new album represents me the best - it's my most personal and mature.''

The 'Nasty' singer admits her new album marks the first time she has ''stuck to her guns'' and been able to make the record she wanted.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Stylistically it has the same sound throughout, which is the first time I've ever done that.

''I was meant to make a soul album last time but it ended up half and half - I did stuff with Stevie Wonder and John Legend, but the other half was dancey pop.

''I'm pleased I stuck to my guns this time.''

Pixie believes the modern music scene is much more ''disposable'' than when her idols like Otis Redding and Candi Staton were recording.

She added: ''I do think there is a lot of disposable stuff around now compared to the Motown era.

''I feel like these soul legends taught me how to sing.''