Pitbull hopes his new song will save the world.

The 'Hotel Room Service' rapper says his new track 'Don't Stop The Party' - on which he teamed up with DJ TJR - was written to bring happiness to those suffering around the world, especially those who have been hit by the global economic downturn and wars in the Middle East.

He said: ''Don't Stop The party featuring TJR was basically a beat that was huge in Europe. TJR produced it when we were out there on tour. We were in Stockholm, Beirut Cafe, with [producer] Red One.

''We did 30,000 people in Hanover, 80,000 people in London and 90,000 people in Morocco, so this is the record of me telling them and the whole world... whether it's a bad global economy, whether it's poverty, wars, you name it - I'm telling them don't stop the party. Enjoy and escape no matter what.''

Pitbull has previously said the track is part of his plan for world domination, which has taken a number of years to come to fruition.

He said: ''09 was freedom in the music business, 10 was invasion, 11 is build an empire, 12 is grow wealth, 13 is put the puzzle together, so be ready.''

'Don't Stop The Party' is released on December 3.