Rapper Pitbull dreams of visiting his roots in Cuba for the first time within the next decade to personally thank fans who have turned him into an underground hero.

The Timber hitmaker's parents come from Cuba and he wants to perform in Havana as soon as restrictions between the U.S. and the island nation are lifted.

He says, "To make history in Havana and be able to perform maybe in front of a million, two million people, I'm hoping for that within the next five years. I can picture it in my mind."

Pitbull insists he owes it to Cuban fans to go there, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I understand them. Yes, there is a big disconnect between the generations. We have generations that grew up in it, and those that fought it, came here (to America) and built everything again. So when it does open up, my goal is to be ready to be able to handle that."