Rapper Pitbull has released a new song in defence of Jay Z and Beyonce's controversial trip to Cuba.

The superstars headed to Havana for what appeared to be a vacation to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary earlier this month (Apr13), leading U.S. politicians to question whether the couple was given the appropriate clearance as American tourists.

U.S. citizens visiting Cuba need authorisation before they can visit the Communist country.

It was later determined the pair was awarded travel permission for academic and cultural purposes and Jay Z, real name Shawn Charter, took aim at government leaders and members of the media for criticising the legality of his trip in a new track, Open Letter.

Now International Love hitmaker Pitbull, whose parents were born in Cuba, has recorded a remix of the rap mogul's song, Open Letter Freestyle, in a bid to silence the backlash and offer the musicians his support.

In one verse, Pitbull raps, "Question of the night, would they have messed with Mr. Carter if he was white?", and in another line he adds, "Politicians love to hate you/but then run away when it's time to debate you."

And referring to the tune as his gift to the couple, he says, "Happy fifth year anniversary, Jay and Bey. Don't worry, it's on me."