Pippa Middleton wants to move abroad following her split from Alex Loudon.

The 27-year-old beauty - the sister of Duchess Catherine - recently parted ways with her boyfriend of six months, and is planning to test out living in the South of France for a while to see if she could make a "base" there more permanently.

A source said: "Pippa and Alex and going to have a three-month separation.

"She is keen to spend some time living abroad - she's a massive fan of the South of France and hopes to work there and have a base there a bit more permanently.

"But Alex doesn't have the same dream as Pippa. He's quite happy being in London, so it's not something he's keen to share with her."

In particular, Pippa - who played maid of honour to her sibling at her recent wedding to Prince William - wants to work in the party planning business.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: "She's an amazing social networker and wants to throw the biggest and best parties.

"She'd love to work on events around the Cannes Film Festival."

However, Alex is keen to see what they can make of their relationship when she returns to the UK in the autumn.

The insider said: "Alex is gutted about it, but he feels his life has been turned upside down since the Royal Wedding.

"But he has high hopes that by September she might have thought things over and realise that she might be better off staying in London rather than running off all over the world."