Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, has reportedly been offered a staggering $60,000 a year to appear on the Today Show as a royal correspondant.

Pippa, who won the attention of just about everyone in the world with her ample figure during the royal wedding last year, is still a big name on either side of the Atlantic, and as such the bosses over at the NBC show want to cash in on that Middleton selling power.

Her time on the show will only be limited, because lets face it, there really isn't that much going on with the royals on a daily basis, but we will still see her covering events such as the Chelsea Flower Show or the opening up of Buckingham Palace. Overall, executives say that Kate's little sister will only have to appear on the show around 20 times to earn her fee, which should lead up to the birth of her future niece or nephew.

A source close to the network told The Sunday Mirror today (Dec 16): "NBC senior figures will bill this job to Pippa as a special corespondent in 2013. They see her appeal as huge, as she is linked to the Royal family."

The source went on to say that Pippa has been promised editorial input on coverage and would not simply be serving as a 'pretty face' for the audiences at home to enjoy. Pippa has not made any comment on whether she will take up the offer, but given the recent influx of Brits invading American popular culture, we wouldn't dismiss it straight away.