Waitrose has already made one high profile change to its celebrity staff this year, axing Delia Smith from its television commercials, though it seems the chain has moved quickly to ensure it doesn't lose ground on its rivals. On Monday, it announced the sister of The Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, will be joining the company to give out cooking tips to the middle-class masses.

Though her party planning book didn't exactly go to plan, Waitrose seem confident enough for the young socialite to churn out similar stuff for its magazine. In a statement, the company said she will be dishing up "casual dining ideas and recipes" in a column titled 'Pippa's Friday Night Feasts.' Middleton herself insists the magazine has "always been a source of inspiration to me, for its extensive spectrum of food and beautiful style."

There is a problem here.

Given Pippa's general lack of expertise in food writing, some in the industry are feeling perhaps understandably downbeat about the whole thing. "Pippa Middleton column for Waitrose mag is so off-key for brand priding itself on authenticity - and real kick in the teeth for food writers," tweeted Guy Woodward, the editor of Food and Travel magazine. William Sitwell, editor of Waitrose's Kitchen magazine disagreed, suggesting readers would enjoy Pippa's more relaxed approach to dining and entertaining. "Pippa will be an excellent contributor to the magazine, bringing with her a wealth of experience of entertaining, gained in part from working at her family's party business," he said.

The Waitrose magazine is available in store at a cost of £1.20, or free to card holders. 

Pippa MiddletonPippa Middleton Is The New Face of The Waitrose Magazine