Pippa Middleton lives a pretty carefree life, so it stands to reason that she’d make her first literary endeavor a party planning book. She does, after all, pretty much do nothing else. You don’t have to be a judge on the Man Booker Prize to have been able to predict that the eventual tomb, titled Celebrate, would be about as appetizing as a frozen canapé however and, following a critical mauling, the book has flopped sales-wise as well.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Amazon had it listed as 177th on the book list yesterday morning (November 12), with the price of the book already slashed from $40 to under $20. The book has apparently sold just 2000 copies in its first week and sits below Peppa Pig’s Christmas Wish, in our opinion a much superior read. It’s grim news for publishers Penguin who’d paid out a $635,000 advance to the royal socialite for the book.

The Daily Telegraph has amusingly pointed out a few of the more banal ‘tips’ given by Middleton in the book, a couple of our favourites including the suggestion that turkeys, because of their size, are perfect for feeding large gatherings (you mean like Christmas, Pippa?) as well as a handy new game where you wrap up a parcel and ask people to sit in a circle passing around until it’s unwrapped. I wonder what on earth you could call that passing-based parcel game?