Pink's baby daughter plays percussion on her new album.

The 'So What' hitmaker thinks 13-month-old Willow Sage is already showing signs of being a ''pretty good'' musician after she got involved with the recording sessions for the singer's forthcoming 'The Truth About Love' album.

Pink said: ''She plays bells on 'How Come You're Not Here,' and she plays bass on a song called 'Timebomb'. She's actually quite talented for a 13 month old.

''There was a basket of s**t, and she came over and pulled out the bells and started banging on them, and I was like, 'Record it!' And then she went up to the bass guitar on 'Timebomb' and started plucking away. She's actually pretty good!

''She's better on bass than I am! She plays piano, she bangs s**t, she's either going to be violent or a percussionist ... or a violent percussionist.''

Pink - who is married to motocross star Carey Hart - insists being a mother hasn't changed her songwriting style, though she has altered her routines to fit with family life.

She explained to MTV News: ''Being a mama, I don't really feel like it's changed my songwriting, other than the fact that now I do it Monday through Friday from 1 pm to 10 pm, as opposed to every day until 4 am.

''Lyrically, I'm more aware of my cursing, but I haven't changed it yet! I'm working on it though.''