Pink treated her husband to a vegetarian meal for his 37th birthday.

The 'So What' hitmaker brought motorcross star Carey Hart - with whom she has 13-month-old daughter Willow Sage - to San Francisco's Prospect eatery, where they enjoyed a healthy meal.

Fellow diners told People the pair ''sat in a booth in the middle of the restaurant, and were really friendly and low-key,'' as Pink dined on tortellini with fava beans, summer truffles, dinosaur kale and red pearl onions while Carey had a gluten and dairy-free selections of dishes.

They obviously enjoyed their visit to the Californian city with Pink tweeting ''San Fran- I seriously love you and all your humans. You've got really nice ones (sic).''

Meanwhile Carey took to twitter to thank people for their well wishes on his birthday.

He wrote: ''Thanks to all my friends and followers for the great B day wishes!!! 37 isnt an exciting number, but im alive and kicking!!!!! (sic).''

Proud mother Pink recently claimed Willow is going to ''rule the world'' after inheriting her father's looks and mother's attitude.

She said: ''Willow has her Daddy's looks and my attitude. She's going to rule the world.''