Pink's ex-husband Carey Hart appears in the TROUBLE maker's new video - even though the song dismisses her marriage to the action sports star.
In the promo for new single So What, the singer - real name Alecia Moore - chops down a tree with `Alecia + Carey' carved into it and attacks a just married couple who recognise her at a stop sign.
Despite that, and the fact she sings, "I don't need you/And guess what/I'm having more fun/And now that we're done/I'm gonna show you tonight/I'm all right, I'm just fine/And you're a tool/So so what," Hart appears in the video.
He dances and fights with his ex as headlines about their split and divorce flash up on the screen.
And to confuse fans even more, Pink sings, "You weren't there/You never were/You want it all/But that's not affair" as she pokes and prods a yawning Hart.
The video also features a liberated Pink riding through Beverly Hills on a lawn mower tractor and stripping off on the red carpet for the paparazzi.