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Piney Gir - Purple Heart

Kansas-born and London-based Piney Gir returns with a new video, this time for her latest track 'Purple Heart'. The song is from her newest album 'Mr Hyde's Wild Ride' which is out now on Damaged Goods records.

The video, produced and directed by Julius G. Beltrame, is a bizarre montage of imagery featuring a glamorous Piney crossing a sprawling pebble beach in heels before arriving at a small pile of toys and falling asleep. On waking, she is sequined-clad and sat in a mysterious room filled with DIY seaside decor; shells fixed to the walls, toys strung up on the ceiling and sea creatures painted on the wall. It adds to the 60s style trippy vibe of the trance like track; a song awash with ethereal harmonies and minimal guitar. There's almost a folksy quality to it with the repetitive melody and abstract lyrics.

'Mr Hyde's Wild Ride' is Piney's sixth studio album, with 'Purple Heart' following previous three singles 'Keep it Together', 'Gold Rules' and the double A-side 'Mouse of a Ghost/Tilt-A-Whirl'. The album features Gaz Coombes' touring band, and Piney recently explained to us the meaning behind it; with 'Mr Hyde' representing 'the duplicity within us all' as in 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde', and 'Wild Ride' named after her favourite Disneyland attraction 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride'.

Piney Gir - Gold Rules

Kansas-born but London-based singer-songwriter Piney Gir unveils the video for her single 'Gold Rules', taken from her sixth studio album 'mR. hYDE'S wILD rIDE' which is set for release on June 29th 2015 through Damaged Goods and Greyday records.

The video sees her band playing alongside some puppetted cardboard cut-out style musicians, as Piney lends her hand to baking by decorating some donuts with cherry, cream and icing which she later offers to the band. The bizarre subject matter lends well to the cheerful indie-pop of the song, with its infectious retro vibe, dreamy echoes, heavy bass and wailing strings.

Other singles from the forthcoming album are 'Keep it Together' and the double A-side 'Mouse of a Ghost'/ 'Tilt-A-Whirl'. Piney has several live dates lined up for the Summer, having just appeared at Brighton's Great Escape sister event Alternative Escape Festival earlier this month (May 2015).

Piney Gir - Interview

 Interview with Piney Gir April 2015

Piney Gir is gearing up to release her 6th album, the erratically cased "mR hYDE'S wILD rIDE". There's no denying Piney's style is eclectic, with a host of influences peppering her upcoming release, but what shines through is her passion for just creating. She's just come back from Japan, where she hung out with Gaz Coombes (his touring band feature on the album), so we decided it was about time we caught up with her.

Contactmusic: Where did the name Piney Gir come from?
Piney Gir: Piney is a name I made up when I was very small.  Nobody knows where it came from, but people would say "What's your name little girl?"  and I'd say "Piney!" Sometimes they'd give me a confused look and look to my parents to see if that was true.  Other people accepted that I had this name.  My family called me Piney as a nickname growing up.  And the Gir part is because I never could say girl properly, so I'd say "I'm a GIR!" because I had a bowl hair cut and never wanted to be confused with a boy.  So a common sentence from 2-3-year-old me is "I'm Piney and I'm a Gir!"  So, when it came to having a stage name I realised I already had one... 

CM: How long have you been in the UK and why did you decide to make the move over from America?
PG: I moved to the UK over 10 years ago.  I had just earned my music degree and didn't know what to do with it.  I knew I didn't want to stay in Kansas and I didn't want to go to New York, Chicago or LA because that seemed to be where everyone went after uni.  I had spent a semester in the UK on a foreign exchange programme and I loved it, so I came back, took some evening courses at St. Martin's and worked in a cocktail bar to meet people and just figure things out.  I ended up in a synth-pop duo called Vic Twenty, which was my first band.  It was then I realised indie-pop music is something I wanted to do for real.

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Piney Gir, The Yearling Album Review

Review of Piney Gir's album The Yearling

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Piney Gir

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