If you grew up bickering with your siblings, you'll be jealous of the French family you see sitting around the table as Close to Leo begins. Mom and Dad (Dominic Gould and Marie Bunel) have apparently done a great job because 21-year-old Leo (Pierre Mignard), his two teenage brothers Tristan (Rodolphe Pauley) and Pierrot (Jeremie Lippmann), and 11-year-old Marcel (Yannis Lespert) all get along famously and couldn't be closer. Not even Leo's homosexuality has caused a problem. Everything is just fine until Leo gathers the family, excluding Marcel, and announces that he's tested positive for HIV.

Naturally the family quickly closes ranks and decides together that it's best not to tell Marcel, who is too young to handle such bad news. The problem is that Marcel has overheard some of the conversation, and he knows something is going terribly wrong in his perfect world.

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