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Milburn - These Are The Facts

MilburnThese Are The Facts Album Review I tried very, very hard to think of any kind of description for Milburn that did not involve a...

Milburn, Interview

MilburnInterviewMilburn have recently created a buzz amongst the music press and its watching world with their blend of indie-ska-pop rock, refreshing lyrics and virtuoso instrument...

Milburn - Manchester Academy 3

MilburnManchester Academy 318th July 2006Live ReviewMilburn for those who don't know have been labelled by some lazy music journalists as the 'new Artic Monkeys' with...


Milburn - Album Sampler

MilburnAlbum SamplerReviewMilburn, are the latest touted champions of new wave indie rock. Hot on the heels of theie Sheffield contemporaries Artic Monkeys, Milburn (Joe Carnall...

Milburn - Cheshire cat Smile

Milburn, Cheshire Cat Smile, Single ReviewThese young Sheffield lads are following in the footsteps of their Hometown counterparts, with this catchy, full on guitar, fast...

Milburn - Send In The Boys

MilburnSend In The BoysSingle ReviewMilburn are a band from Sheffield who sing songs about girls and the city over mod-punk riffs.Sound familiar?Yes, just as Reef...


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