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"The Simpsons" Kill [Spoiler Alert], Get Viewers "Clown In The Dumps"

Before we get into this, here’s your spoiler warning: if you haven’t watched Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons, don’t even read ahead. Spoilers. Huge...

Fox Consolidates 20th TV And Broadcasting Into Television Super Unit

It’s no secret that finances have been an issue with Fox for some time now. The recent restructuring of the entire movie and television production...

The Simpsons: So, Who's Going To Die in Upcoming 'Yellow Wedding'?

The Simpsons are reverting to a trick increasingly adopted by TV shows nowadays: killing major characters off. Game of Thrones have a roundabout cull every...


'The Simpsons' 26th Season Confirmed, Time For A 'Futurama' Crossover?

A 26th season of the ever-popular cartoon series, The Simpsons, has been confirmed by Fox, as reported by Sky News. What has become America's longest...

Which Simpsons Character Will Be Killed Off? Bookmakers On Red Alert

Over 10 million people tuned in to watch the finale of Breaking Bad on Sunday (September 29, 2013). 83 million people tuned in to discover...

'The Simpsons' Will Kill Off A Major Character Next Season, But Who?

The Simpsons is still going strong after more than a quarter of a century, but with the threat of it growing stale (again) becoming an...


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