TIME COVER: Prince Charles: The Forgotten Prince - Thursday 24th October 2013

Britain's Prince Charles has long been plagued by the perception that he is aloof, spoiled and desperate to become King. In this week's TIME cover in both the U.S. and international editions, Catherine Mayer goes behind the public persona to reveal the true Prince Charles - a passionate philanthropist, magnetic in his personal interactions and deeply committed to making the most of his inherited position. The man Mayer discovers is not, in fact, impatient to assume the throne but living with the knowledge that as soon as he does become King he will have to spend less time with many of the charities and projects he has spent his life creating and nurturing. For the story, Mayer was granted exclusive access to the Prince, traveling to his homes in England, Scotland and Wales and interviewing more than 50 of Charles' friends and associates. - United States - Thursday 24th October 2013 (1 image)