Jimmy LeFave brought performing at the 100 club - Thursday 19th September 2013

Texan singer/song writer Jimmy LeFave brought his band The Night Tribe to the 100 club last night for an exclusive London show. Jimmy played two sets to a crowd of die-hard fans who lapped up his soft southern charm and gentle Bluegrass style. He played covers of songs by Woody Guthrie, Pete Segar, and Bob Dylan as well as many of his own ballads including Never Is A Moment and River Road. As Jimmy took to the stage he quipped to the crowd that his promoter, Stuart Lyon (who gave the first gigs to bands like Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Pink Floyd) was more famous in the UK than LeFavre. LeFavre's style is laconic and self-effacing. Singing with eyes closed, he invokes the spirits of Country and Bluegrass to stunning effect with a voice which is as large as Texas and as gentle as a Southern breeze. - London United States - Thursday 19th September 2013 (4 images)