Tom Cruise, One and London - Monday 10th December 2012

Tom Cruise arrives at Battersea Heliport, to catch a late night helicopter flight, having attended the World Premiere of his latest film, 'Jack Reacher' and then filmed a TV apearance. Despite his long day and evening, Tom made time to not only stop for pictures, but even to pose for pictures with the two delighted photographers. One snapper asked Tom if he was enjoying his stay in England, and in particular his thoughts on the Manchester derby, which he had attended the day before. Tom told the photographers it was "the most entertaining football match he had ever seen" before then asking if the snappers were cold, having been out in the freezing temperatures. He finally wished them both a Merry Christmas, before boarding his private helicopter. London, England - 10.12.12 Featuring: Tom Cruise Where: London, United Kingdom When: 10 Dec 2012 (33 images)