Nelly, Jersey Shore and The Tiny - Monday 6th June 2011

Nelly the Dog has become somewhat of a local attraction, having been seen being cuddled by various members of the 'Jersey Shore' cast on numerous occasions. Nelly belongs to the owners of Florence Curiousity Shop, which is right next door to the O' Vesuvio pizza shop where the cast were working during their stay in the city. While at first tourists flocked to see the cast of the popular TV show, there are now just as many people coming to catch a glimpse of The Tiny dog, from as far afield as Pisa! Nicole Snooki Polizzi Jersey Shore cast member spends the afternoon working at the local pizza shop, and takes a break to pet a local shop owners dog, called Nelly. Florence, Italy - 06.06.11 (16 images)