Mike The Situation Sorrentino The Jersey Shore... - Thursday 16th June 2011

Mike The Situation Sorrentino The Jersey Shore cast tour around Florence. Loggia del Mercato Nuovo outside is the Fontana del Porcellino - a wishing boar, a copy of a bronze wild boar by Pietro Tacca from the sixteenth century; the original can be found at Palazzo Pitti. It is commonly believed that rubbing the nose brings good fortune, it has a very shiny nose. Tourists put a coin in the boar's mouth after rubbing its nose, and supposedly the wish will be granted if the offering falls through the grate within a pool of water. It took Snooki a few goes to get the coin she picked from the pool to fall through the grill. Everyone else within the party was much quicker at it. Florence, Italy - 16.06.11 (14 images)