Bristol Farms - Saturday 5th February 2011

* SKARSGARD AND BOSWORTH SPLIT - REPORT TRUE BLOOD star ALEXANDER SKARSGARD is single again after splitting from on/off girlfriend KATE BOSWORTH, according to reports. The couple began dating in 2009, but Us Weekly claims the TV hunk and Bosworth have now parted ways. A source tells the publication, It was very mutual. And it happened a while ago... He's single - and he is loving the attention! The stars never publicly confirmed their relationship status but the pair did not hide their affection for one another - they took a number of romantic vacations together, including a trip to the actor's native Sweden last year (10) to meet his friends. (MC/US/MT) Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard seen leaving Bristol Farms supermarket in Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, California - 05.02.11 (15 images)