File Photo* * COMEDIAN DAVID BRENNER DIES... - Wednesday 31st January 2007

File Photo* * COMEDIAN DAVID BRENNER DIES U.S comedian DAVID BRENNER has lost his battle with cancer, aged 78. The funnyman, who was a regular guest on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show, passed away in New York on Saturday (15Mar14). Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1936, Brenner appeared on Carson's late-night show more times than any other comic. He was a very popular entertainer on the cabaret circuit and featured in cult 2005 movie The Aristocrats. He missed out on major TV fame in the mid-1970s when his Shampoo spin-off series, Snip,was pulled from the air before its first episode after network bosses discovered one of his its characters was gay. The show did screen in Australia and became an instant hit - but only ran for seven episodes. Brenner was married to actress Elizabeth Slater and ice skater Tai Babilonia.** David Brenner, Ty Babalonia amfAR Gala honoring John Demsey, Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Roedy with special tributes to Dr. Matilde Krim and Sharon Stone held at Cipriani's 42nd Street - Outside Arrivals Featuring: David Brenner, Ty Babalonia Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 31 Jan 2007 (7 images)