Rolling Stones - Wednesday 20th May 2009

File Photos * IVANOVA'S SUICIDE BIDS OVER BUST-UPS WITH WOOD RONNIE WOOD's former lover EKATERINA IVANOVA has accused the Rolling Stones rocker of driving her to the brink of suicide during booze-fuelled bust-ups. The 21 year old Russian waitress blames the veteran guitarist for two failed suicide bids in London and Paris, when she tried to hang herself with one of his neck ties. And she vows never to return to Wood following their split last month (Dec09) - insisting his drink demons turned him into a Jekyll and Hyde character. Ivanova tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, At my lowest I think I really wanted to die, but none of the attempts were that serious. I felt so low but whenever I tried to talk to Ronnie he’d just say, ‘I love you, you’re beautiful, why don’t we go shopping?’ I felt he wouldn’t take me seriously at all. I just wanted to talk to the person I loved about how I was feeling. Ivanova split from Wood after he was arrested following a violent bust-up between the pair near their home in Surrey, England. She adds, There is no way I am ever going back to Ronnie. (ZN/WNTSU/ZN) (c) 2010 WORLD ENTERTAINMENT NEWS NETWORK LTD. All global rights reserved. No unauthorised copying or re-distributing permitted Ekaterina Ivanova arrives back at her home just after 2am, appearing rather worse for wear, and struggling to get her balance, following a night out with her boyfriend. London, England - 20.05.09 (3 images)