Amy Winehouse and Wham - Wednesday 28th March 2007

AMY'S SWEET TOOTH There's nothing of her, but there's no doubting Amy Winehouse has a sweet tooth. As these pictures show, the big voiced and big haired diva is rarely seen without something sugary in her hand. In recent weeks, we've bumped into the Rehab singer guzzling down McDonalds soft drinks, munching on crisps, Haribo sweets, ice lollies, Wham bars, chips and hundreds and hundreds of lollipops. Amy's sugar addiction explains her missing teeth - but maybe it's the secret behind her powerful lungs as well. (IG/WN/MT) Amy Winehouse and Alex Jones-donelly leaving their house. Amy is sucking a lollipop London, England - 28.03.07 (17 images)