Neighbours - Tuesday 10th July 2007

Neighbours ANGRY WITH GERI'S WALL Geri Halliwell isn't very popular with her north London neighbours at the moment, after calling in builders to erect a giant 12 foot high wall outside her house. The singer is presumably expecting to be bombarded with home visits from fans and photographers now the Spice Girls have reformed - and hopes the wall will keep prying eyes away. But other residents of the leafy suburb aren't impressed and claim the wall is an eyesore - and unnecessary, since the £4 million house already boasts a state-of-the-art security system. One neighbour says, "When Geri moved in we assumed she would want privacy, but none of us expected her to build such a big ugly wall. "At first a wooden structure went up and we thought it was just a temporary thing while she had some work done to the property but then the bricklayers arrived and we realised it was going to be a permanent wall." (IG/WN/SH) London, England - 10.07.07 (7 images)