REHAB ALL-STARS Hollywood's bad boys and girls... - Wednesday 22nd February 2006

REHAB ALL-STARS Hollywood's bad boys and girls are being honoured by a new range of hoodies. The Rehab All-Stars are dedicated to famous folk who have succumbed to substance abuse and undergone rehab. There are hoodies bearing the faces of celebrity addicts Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Drew Barrymore, President George W Bush, David Hasselhoff, Kate Moss, Mary Kate Olsen, Mel Gibson, Nikki Sixx and Robert Downey Jr. There's even a sweater - fresh off the printing press - dedicated to the newest, baddest girl in Tinseltown Lindsay Lohan. (IG/WN/SH) President George W Bush at the White House for the Celebration of African American month Washington DC, USA - 22.02.06 (9 images)