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Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay Lohan leaves a male friends house, and heads into town for a night out with him. Before Lindsay emerged, a Metropolitan Police car arrived with two officers in the car. After parking up in the middle of the street for around 10 minutes, blocking oncoming traffic, the officers got out and told waiting snappers that they had come to stop them from following Lindsay to her chosen destination! In a move that is sure to enrage British tax payers, the brazen officers also said that they would be providing her with a Police escort all the way to her destination, as they had been called down especially for the occasion, due to a phone call being made to them, saying Lindsay did not feel safe! Sanppers politely suggested that on a busy Saturday night in the West End, it seemed incredible the Police thought it was acceptable to spend their time doing this, but the officers were unrepentant and offered no apologies. Despite no laws being broken, they stopped the photographers from going about their jobs, and prevented them from following Lindsay, and even sped off in a 30mph zone behind Lohans car. - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 11th January 2014

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+ Photo Album: Lindsay Lohan and a male companion leave a private address in London
Lindsay Lohan and a male companion leave a private address in London

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+ Photo Album: Lindsay Lohan and a male companion leave a private address in London


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