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Jay Z - Jay Z depicted as 'Care Bear Pal' for protecting fragrance proceeds amid racial profiling flak. Artist Daniel Edwards depicts fragrance mogul Jay Z as a Care Bear pal in his latest work dedicated to the rapper's Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, which provides college funding for students with financial need for an unveiling this week on Facebook, announces Cory Allen Contemporary Art. 'Jay Z is an entertainer, not a civil rights activist - he defended future college funds by standing up to the criticism for his refusal to break ties with Barney's New York in order to sell his fragrance Gold, which should be a huge fundraiser for the foundation,' said artist Daniel Edwards, referring to accusations of the department store's practice of racial profiling and the rap mogul's reluctance to take a stand against it by withdrawing his merchandise. Titled 'Jay Z Cares and Shares,' Jay Z is depicted smiling, clad in a suit and tie befitting a mogul and surrounded by the Care Bears. 'We regret that Jay Z's opportunity to educate students to fight a policy of racism interferes with his ability to fund their education,' said Whitney Evans of Cory Allen Contemporary Art, 'but we applaud him for not being deterred from his mission to send people to college.' In 2011, the artist criticized Jay Z by depicting him as a 'Scrooge' in an Occupy Wall Street protest piece known as the 'Scrooge Totem Pole,' saying, 'I think Jay Z has made himself a face of Wall Street that Occupiers are protesting against,' referring to the rap mogul's usage of the movement's name to sell his t-shirts without compensation. Edwards went on to say, "Rap stars who turn 'Scrooge' have to suffer some damage to their street credibility, I would think,' added Edwards. Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, recently said in a statement on his website, "Making a decision prematurely to pull out of this project, wouldn't hurt Barneys or Shawn Carter, but all the people that stand a chance at hig - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 21st November 2013

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Jay Z depicted as 'Care Bear Pal'

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Beyonce, Jay Z
Beyonce, Jay Z
Jay Z depicted as 'Care Bear Pal'
Jay Z depicted as 'Care Bear Pal'
Jay-Z, Shawn Carter, Yas Marina race track

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