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Guy Oseary and guest Calvin Klein Collection & Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) 1st Annual Celebration For L.A. Arts Monthly and Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) - Arrivals Los Angeles, California - 28.01.10

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Guy Oseary

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Demi Moore, Anthony Keidis, Guy Oseary, Staples Center
Guy Oseary
Guy Oseary
Guy Oseary
Guy Oseary

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Dear Guy Osary : Hello its John robert hector aka rumgoatroses HERE!Do YOu think that one of these decades ii maybe, might , possibly get a reference letter for the plethra of stuff n such ie art direction , model - N- and ideas eg. style/and musical poise sometime, somehow, someway possibly ????Seems to us as if we have been forgotton about since way back when last i shared idea s with MADGE i.e. "Celebration"- as Madge was supposedly to be my "AGENT" y'all have NOT that or it. She said to me by Scarborough ARTS COUNCIL that you mailed IT yrs ago , to that studio i had on McGee back before ray of light and music.........we as usual .... someone stole it. Too many peeps try to take advantage of me and seemingly just use me , you and yours are the only ones in the entire industry whom have shown me any ammount of consideration or tact. Lady Liz Rosenberg has my new address in T.O. btw !!!!! ITS important to me before im an aged old elderly man to clear up this karmic debt, so that i can pursue my own arts and music as a guitarist/wordsmith/and creative director for my own tunage which im working on at home with my b c rich bitch guitar that ive bought myself like my computers and entire new one bedroom apt that ive managed to organize myself. I do appreciate what MADGE has done for the PEOPLE With AIDS Foundation, yet i wonder if and when i will ever be treated or regarded as someone noteworthy to consider in her history......as I GET LEFT OUT and forgotton about all the time by her. SO SHE IS NO LONGER MY AGENT in that context. BUT regardless none of us can really change the past things ive done for her career and music....but i sure can change the future......in other words there will be no more ideas coming from my cauldron of creativity.....until such a time as i get that authentication in a factual tangable letterhead from you and yours dear guy osary. She has done little to communicate anything unto me at all . EXCEPT i think she tried to get my attention in yorkville once upon a time ie . w.E. Why is it allways so irksome and full of so many obstacles trying to communicate with any of you ???????Cordially john robert hector scarborougharts aka rumgoatroses

2 years 11 months ago
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