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theresa krasnuik

dear elton john, how are you Ken? I am fine. I was cycling, cuz I have to, my goodness how healthy we can get from bike riding, I swear to God its fo=d for your eyes, funny einsn't it?so you know dI sorry to hear you have had a pace maker in involvedl see I told yoiu never marry a bad wife, cocaine too hu? yoiu khow wat ? they did to my dad, she brought him cocaine oversdodese, or something, he can't wow, walk, I cried, hope yoiu are ok, deary elton, I see yoiu are ok, but dco says to take vics, and nasel spray, chest remedies, wow you were playing in tyher styorme? how cool, and toady is williams birthday I noticed in your come=mentary, so how are ytouy anygiw now?we never marry or go out with outside of the what God says, boy we all made mistakes, except my mom and dad, so she's gone 6 years ago, its sad to see how greedy, but God will come and be punishing the bad people who aren't being people and take wah, wah, away from them, my bertram home is bac, my brother george has it, he's auxillary police invictoria, I'm so relieved when bad womane's husband told me Russell told me,a nd we have potatoes marketed, Russet, me and him, named after us, cool eh! farmers, so glad, I always loved his work, logging, and you shouldsee how much loggingthere, is, you wouldn't believe howsomeone actuallyt went p the helll and stole 50,00. from a logger he's so lucky I read in the papewr ===to be ok, Mrs. polodolsky sdid that to us all, stealing through prostituion rape on our mom and dad, they were as t=dad says, total dirty businesand treesa, and logs, cattle and so on, chicken eggs, we're canada eggs and pigs, and cows, and milk, sosad, so sad, to see him this way, but he's improved a lot 93, and I get damned again, they actually have the nerve to tel me unehardof anything bad about me, after I healed him as a nurse, I'm complaing to courtroom tomorrow or whever I can, your hopefully well, aright, ? tell them not to bring their deased cociane to them, they didn't use it, he gvae me 15 buck,s I took it, asked, but I get paid next week, so I bought a bracelet, skulls plastic p=bracelet, I dont' care anymore, I have to get my mopid sent ot== you sure look nice in gold shoes, and staying s=kinny and healthy right?! Oh God I loved you so much Kennt=eth, you knowReginald, I 'm so happy your'e in England, its cool eh?!! I wished I could have visited, I sure liked fromhearing about your life, its very extremly difficult to see satnatic ways going to rob me of mommy life, theywill all serve the devil as they are doing, but not us, I recovered from the accident they made for me, and still withall the tornadoes, g=flooding, they are after my house in zhoda, with killers in the wrong jobs, you know what I mean?I bought, it, sorry to breing my anything troubles, church going, friends around, and gave louise 50.00, then couple 20's and Melanie 20.00 , I have a job, hsave to pay bills, buy dad food, and a pnomonia was set in anddeath on purpose, he said to me, clarence was his murderer, yes and minetoo I told him. so hte === car show was on, my brother missed this the wind came, my dad was angry and I didn't take him to thepark, the tree was busted and branch could have killed someone, two branches went down, so winds were dangerous, luckily no one came to it, and the police went to take theripped tape around it, the car show for Fathers' day was awesome, my dads car was in it russells and liz's and my car I think so, an Impala white oldie but goodiek 577 last part of it, I sure enjoyed that, you wouldn't believe how much good time it is to walk around, and look and my mind felt rela=sed, ey we should have kep on with that thenm old cars, and trucks, too many thieves, I saw an maybe my old VW gren driving down97 hogway, hope to God he find memy old car, in 67 I was driving it. with my dead brother, er hey I too loved and saw the documentary on John Eltron, elton john, uh, waity a inute, John, John Lenon, how lovely hwe he was, my brother russell met Julian, in California, so anyway, lucky you, metting elvis me too, long time ago, I still carry a phiotiograph of him in my walletg my family too, all ofthemn almost. so hope to God the children cometo me, tasha'a BIRTHDAY, SHE'S 23 on June 29th, could you please wihs her a Happy birtydhay inaosng, amaybe? ! I'll send her a card, and some money, to ste. adolphe, if she's there, neverheard of them, htey are hdinbgthe kdis. what kindof people would hide tem, and dont' sne d me bad or anyone, I'm finding anewlife.sometime, sorry I missed the talkshow, oh I knew you were going to be one . shucks. fiona doens't like it. he' Shriek!! so are you single, these days/ Or what.?God bless you, and stay healthy, thanks for the photograph of new, I think your're handsome, but then again, it would be nice to meet you , I'm staying alone, I always warn everybody to leave me alone, andnot to lie about me. My God are you tryingto kill yourself? with palyingin the ocean or what? thats why I loved you cuz you played football, I love that, my brother did too. I went to church sunday, I don't like being without my kdis at all. the friends sure were nice to other people comingto kelowna too, have them over, and stuff, eh, still don't know why?! so take are, dearly. I'm going to work soon, I have to get some other help for dad, he's was supposed to end up like the old waliking, man that he is, he's moving around a lot now, I popped out my hand muscle, but he's good for you,and it healed, the apples are lovely, growing some amazing around tree on frontof dennys's God didn't make the little green apples and it don't rain in indian appolise in the summer time. glen campbell, wow its neat how he doesn that, I love my Dog braclet, ina a hart shape, could hav engraving onit, little dogie bowl, a dog, house, charm=s, course mine puter, some silver tiny bit, best friend on it, I took themoney andbought thebracelet, cuz I love bracelets, bone, play, its cute, am, giving it to my daughter for her birthday, but wearing it. the time is gone, but he needs a new diet too, he's still the same, he worked hard like a horse for dad, we did work as slaves, but its ok, elton, I cried it out as a kid, and Inever in my life have been so robbed by scum filth in my life. God bless you, and take are caring, so be good, have anice day, hope I get my kids to come over, they drive by or fly with him to vancouver to visit satan his side many times. did youi know God is flooding Chilliwack? ! sure thing!!@ I'm mom!! I'm staying alone, wanting to sleep at t=night. would you believe somethingweird., how come lmelododies, plate says Cla in the end? how come they're siding with the devils stealing, want to hurty me/?? how she's and her brother steal. anyhow don't worry about it. sorry to bring my brother to you, problesm are around, but hopefullyt yo won't tell anyoen. its going to be hot tomorrow! to day I"m for my children and tomorrow I'm for children. I keep practicing the music, playing my klerenet some. tasha too. take care. my dad is still growingdark black, pitch hair, by theway, did you have children and a wife of your own?

2 years 8 months ago
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