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Atmosphere - Participants in the London Naked Bike Ride protesting for various causes including cleaner air, motor vehicle pollution, cyclist's safety and wars for oil. - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 8th June 2013

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Naked Bike Ride London

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will golden's picture

will golden

That's me! But I was not this relaxed! I am on the organizing collective, but I never expected to be co-opted into replacing absent police and missing experienced ride-marshalls to lead 720 naked riders of a crowded Marble Arch, through the hectic streets of London on a busy Saturday. It is not my nature. I am not a natural leader and I was in tears for fears at the start and manic with stress throughout the ride. I must have covered 20+ miles over the 7 mile stretch. At times it was dangerous! But my few heroic start-marshalls stayed on with me to the end to protect me from wrecking the event and make sure we did it .....in record time. So many people in London's leg of the world's biggest environmental protest are saying it was the best ride ever. All 1,100+ of us from the 5 starts overall should be proud of what we achieved. The most meaningful day of my life, for sure! Thank you, ContactMusic. Ironic really that you should catch me on cam! My other "hobby" is amateur music hack, reviewing gigs every weekend in my Facebook page, "Band Profiles". Brighton music is at its best ever moment in time. Hell, I'm gonna join you lol! Great life, isn't it? Why would enyone ever want to complain? Hugz Will Golden

1 year 2 months ago
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