Based on the first in John Marsdon's bestselling seven-novel series, this film is essentially an Australian version of 1984's Red Dawn. It's rather big on explosive action and short on real characterisation, but it's gripping and engaging.

Ellie (Stasey) is a typical 17-year-old in small-town Wirrawee, begging her parents to let her and her pal Corrie (Hurd-Wood) take a weekend camping trip to an isolated valley called Hell. They assemble a group with Corrie's boyfriend Kevin (Lewis), prankster Homer (Akdeniz), posh girl Fiona (Tonkin), Thai prodigy Lee (Pang) and good girl Robyn (Cummings). After a great few days, they come home to find their hometown overrun by an invading Asian army, with their family and friends being held in a prison camp. Now what? Do they run, hide or fight back?

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