Godfrey Reggio's prophetic visions of the state of the world and its habitants are brought to stunning vividness in the third chapter of the Qatsi documentary series, Naqoyqatsi. A harrowing exploration of man's slow devolution through science, technology, and warfare in the forms of raw stock footage, computer animation, military training videos, and major conglomerate product commercials, the film is a true sight to behold.

The term "Naqoyqatsi" is derived from the Hopi word meaning "life as war." The two previous entries of this series - Koyaanisqatsi (life out of balance) and Powaqqatsi (life in transistion) - were groundbreaking pieces of non-narrative filmmaking employing startling imagery married with the haunting sounds of composer Philip Glass. A decade in the making, Naqoyqatsi only came to fruition through the help of executive producer Steven Soderbergh, who read a magazine article about the film's inability to find a distributor and volunteered his help without even seeing one frame of the film.

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