During a drugs bust made on Tuesday, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s number was found on the cell phones of three of the arrested, possibly linking them to the actor’s drug supply and recent death. At this point, it’s unclear whether any or all of the suspects were tied to the actor’s death, New York Daily News reports.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catching Fire Premiere
Procecussion is yet to establish a connection between the suspects and the actor's death.

At least one of the phones found at a rundown building at 302 Mott St. belonged to alleged heroin dealer Robert Vineberg, a struggling jazz musician. On Wednesday, he was indicted for felony possession of heroin and of heroin with intent to sell. However, prosecutors don’t currently have enough evidence to link Vineberg to Hoffman’s death. The suspect’s daughter, Christina Soto, added to Vineberg’s connection, saying that the two men had known each other for several months. However, Soto also confirmed that Vineberg had not been in touch with Hoffman for a while.

“He said he hasn’t seen Hoffman since November,” said Soto, recalling a chat she had with Vineberg. “He was very upset. He said, ‘I wish he would have called me because I could have made sure if he was going to do something, someone was going to be there and he was going to be OK.’” Soto reportedly refused to comment on her father’s illicit dealings directly, but she did explain his reasons for getting into the heroin trade: “That’s my dad,” Soto said. “He got into this because right now he couldn’t find any work — anything. This is the only thing he could think of. He couldn’t even find work washing dishes.”

Vineberg went from being a successful saxophone player to an accused drug dealer when his gigs started drying up, according to his daughter. He originally made a living playing the saxophone under the name Robert Aaron with everyone from David Bowie and Paul Simon to Wyclef Jean, Tom Jones and the late Amy Winehouse.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Vineberg's daughter claims that he was in no way involved in Hoffman's overdose.

The two others busted were Max Rosenblum and live-in girlfriend, Juliana Luchkiw, both 22. Luchkiw is the daughter of a New Jersey attorney and is studying fine arts and liberal arts at Parsons the New School for Design. Her lawyer, Stephen Turano, claims it was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.