Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of Hollywood's most revered actors, but it may come as some surprise to you to find out that he also happens to be one of Tinseltown's most unsuspecting narcotic addicts. Well, he was until recently at least, with the Oscar-winning actor recently checking out of an East Coast detox facility to cleanse himself of the habit.

According to TMZ, the actor began fell off the wagon over a year ago when he started to become dependant on prescription pain killers. A drug-free former user for 23 years until that point, Hoffman soon began to revert to his old ways and even went as far as snorting heroin as his relapse got all the worse and his life began to spiral further into a drug-addled nightmare. Fortunately though, rather than see his life get out of control again Hoffman reassured TMZ that his heroin snorting only lasted week before he snapped out of it and went to seek help.

Hoffman, who won a Best Actor Oscar in 2006 for his role in Capote, checked out of the facility a week ago today (May 24) following a 10-day stay in the detox centre and has reassured us all that he is clean once again. The actor went on to thank "a great group of friends and family" for helping him seek out the treatment in the first place, an for helping him see it through until the end.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Ides of March
The actor is completely clean again now, he says

Not one to let his troubles get in his way, Hoffman is already at work on a new movie, with the actor flying out to Europe to complete filming of a new picture soon after his release. The actor will next be seen as Plutarch Heavensbee in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and will also star in the political thriller A Most Wanted Man alongside Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright, both of which will be released later this year.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman NYC Bike
Hoffman still managed to give an Oscar-worthy performance in The Master whilst in his relapse stage