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Zabriskie Point Trailer

The late 1960s - Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, California, United States. A boy and a girl meet in seclusion in an isolated corner of the desert and indulge in sexual and chemical experimentation. Mark (Mark Frechette) is wanted by the police for allegedly killing a policeman during a student riot, and Daria (Daria Halprin) is a property developer that is intent on helping develop land in the desert to make new homes. This turns Zabriskie Point into both a symbol of the future and a safe refuge from the outside world. 

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Bad Words Trailer

After spectacularly losing a local spelling bee as a youngster, the now 40-year-old Guy Trilby is determined to go back and change it. Having developed his spelling ability substantially over the decades, he decides to enter the National Quill Spelling Bee after discovering a loophole which states that anyone past the 8th grade cannot compete. Having given up on academic achievement before he passed 8th grade, the contest's judges struggle to deny him the opportunity to compete despite arrant fury from parents of potential winners who believe that his age now gives him an advantage. Initially rude and insulting towards his pre-pubescent competitors, he soon starts to develop a friendship with Chaitainya; an enthusiastic young boy with no friends who Guy takes under his wing. However, not everyone's happy with what Guy ends up teaching Chaitainya about the world.

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Bad Words - Red Band Trailer

Guy Trilby is a 40-year-old man who dropped out of high school as a young boy and remains bitter about losing a spelling bee. Thus, now older and wiser, he finds a way to enter the National Quill Spelling Bee by abusing a loophole which states that anyone past the 8th grade cannot compete. As he abandoned his studies before passing 8th grade, he decides that he has every right to qualify for the competition, to the annoyance of entrants' parents and contest officials alike as, of course, his age gives him an unfair advantage despite his educational failures. Along the way he meets a young boy named Chaitainya who appears to have no friends his own age and who Guy Trilby gladly takes under his debauched, f-word riddled wing. 

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Premiere Of Clear History

Chicago - Premiere of HBO Films' 'Clear History' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Wednesday 31st July 2013

People Like Us Review


There's an intriguing true story buried inside this overly structured drama, and by playing by simplistic screenwriting rules the filmmakers make everything trite and predictable. Fortunately, the cast is much better than the material, and they bring their characters to life with jaggedly engaging interaction and some resonant emotion.

The story centres on Sam (Pine), a fast-talking New York salesman who is in big trouble professionally. So when his estranged father dies in Los Angeles, it gives him a chance to escape. He heads off to see his mother (Pfeiffer) and find out what he has inherited. But the lawyers hand him a bag of cash that he has to give to smart 11-year-old Josh (D'Addario), whose barmaid mother Frankie (Banks) is the half-sister Sam never knew he had. Without revealing his identity, he worms his way into Frankie and Josh's life. But the Feds are catching up with him, and Frankie is about to learn who he really is.

This is one of those films that hinges completely on the characters' inability to talk to each other. So one honest conversation at the beginning would make this a very short movie! But no, the screenwriters force everything into an unnatural formula that completely undermines the genuinely interesting things going on. Even so, the actors manage to hold our interest, mainly due to some terrific chemistry. At the centre, Pine nicely holds his own in scenes with the wonderful Pfeiffer and Banks, while D'Addario proves to be a young actor to keep an eye on. Meanwhile, side characters add texture, most notably Duplass as a neighbour with the hots for Frankie, and Wilde as Sam's frazzled girlfriend.

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2012 Los Angeles Film Festival Premiere Of 'People Like Us' At Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Stadium - Arrivals

Ang Lee Friday 15th June 2012 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of 'People Like Us' at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Stadium - Arrivals

2012 Los Angeles Film Festival Premiere Of 'People Like Us' At Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Stadium

Philip Baker Hall Friday 15th June 2012 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of 'People Like Us' at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Stadium

Philip Baker Hall
Philip Baker Hall
Philip Baker Hall
Philip Baker Hall

People Like Us Trailer

Sam is a successful salesman in his twenties who is dire need of a plan after he loses an $84,000 sale to debt. The loss comes at the same time he is informed of his estranged record producing father's sudden death. After reluctantly flying home to LA for the funeral, he is informed that his father left him $150,000 that he must deliver to his long lost sister Frankie who he never knew even existed, and her difficult pre-teen son Josh. Sam develops a close bond with Frankie and Josh and is shocked to learn that his father left Frankie's mother to be with his own mother.

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50/50 Review

Films about cancer aren't generally this funny. And while this movie isn't a comedy, beyond its generous dose of realistic humour, it has a smart, personal script that dares to face a difficult situation head on. And the light tone makes it hugely involving.

Young journalist Adam (Gordon-Levitt) is shocked to discover that his sore back is actually a rare tumour twithonly aa 50 percent survival rate. His girlfriend (Howard) promises to stick by him, best pal Kyle (Rogen) offers support, even as he uses Adam's illness to get girls, and Adam's mother (Huston) can't help but offer too much help. But he develops an awkward rapport with inexperienced therapist Katie (Kendrick) that actually does some good. And as his treatment sucks the life out of him, he finds two new friends in his fellow patients (Hall and Frewer).

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AFI Fest 2011 Premiere Of 'Jack And Jill' Held At Regency Village Theatre

Philip Baker Hall Sunday 6th November 2011 AFI Fest 2011 Premiere of 'Jack And Jill' held at Regency Village Theatre Westwood, California

Philip Baker Hall
Philip Baker Hall

50/50 Trailer

Adam is twenty five years old and has a pretty good life. He works at a museum with his goofy best friend Kyle and has a beautiful girlfriend, Rachel. Generally speaking, Adam is in excellent health - until he is told that he has a rare form of cancer.

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Premiere 'Mr. Popper's Penguins' Shown At The Grauman's Chinese Theatre In Hollywood - Arrivals

Philip Baker Hall Sunday 12th June 2011 Premiere 'Mr. Popper's Penguins' shown at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood - Arrivals Los Angeles, California

Philip Baker Hall
Philip Baker Hall

Mr. Popper's Penguins Trailer

Tom Popper is a sales man, it's all he knows and is great at his job, however, this also means his family life is suffering, his kids live with their mom whilst Mr Popper lives in the centre in a luxury apartment. After the death of his father, Tom inherits something that's set to change his life forever. When he receives a large wooden box, he doesn't know what to expect, apprehensively Tom opens the box and a small black and white bird to walk out.

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Fired Up! Review

Broad and very silly, this comedy just about keeps us chuckling even when things get stupid and predictable. It's not very well-written, but there are enough deranged characters to make it almost worth a look.

At Gerald Ford High School, two chucklehead jock pals--nice guy Shawn (D'Agosto) and blond hunk Nick (Olsen)--decide to skip a gruelling football practice and chase girls at cheerleader camp instead. Of course, they soon start to actually enjoy themselves, and Shawn begins to fall for one of his teammates (Roemer), but trouble is brewing as they prepare to face the archrival Panthers. Meanwhile, Nick tries to woo the seductive Diora (Sims), wife of the camp's gung-ho director (Higgins).

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Fired Up! Review

From the advertisements, Fired Up! looks like the movie that finally indulges in what every young man fantasizes about: Crashing cheerleading camp to get laid. On the poster, the tagline reads: "Two guys. 300 girls. You do the math." With those numbers, lots of guys would look past those annoying cheers and be the first in line at the movie theater with their dates.

Unfortunately, Fired Up! isn't the movie it says it is. It's rated PG-13, and beyond a few shots of young ladies in cheer outfits, there's nothing remotely objectionable here. That would be fine if it were a family film. But it's being marketed as a sexy teen comedy.

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