The bizarre 'afro' hairstyle Phil Spector sported for his earliest murder trial dates was a tribute to the record mogul's favourite sports star, according to his wife Rachelle.
The producer, who is now surviving hard time for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson in 2003, hit the headlines in 2005 by showing up in court with wild hair, but his young wife insists the style was a carefully planned nod to then-Detroit Pistons star Ben Wallace.
Rachelle Spector says, "During that time we were watching a lot of basketball and he really liked Ben Wallace... and so it (hair) kept getting a little bit bigger and bigger and it got a little out of hand."
Ironically, Spector himself suggested the wacky hairstyle was inspired by genius Albert Einstein and composer Beethoven.
In a 2007 interview the producer taped with British news show Arena, he explained, "It was done in jest, but I was wearing my hair like Albert Einstein in those days."