Murder suspect Phil Spector has disowned his adopted son, who is now homeless and lives out of a car.

DONTE SPECTOR - who is a drug addict and HIV positive - says the legendary music producer abused him as a child and ignores his telephone calls.

The 34-year-old lives a few streets away from his father's Beverly Hills, California mansion - where Spector is accused of murdering B movie actress LANA CLARKSON earlier this year (FEB03).

Donte says, "I asked him for money. He just hung up."

And the troubled offspring of 62-year-old Spector has lifted the lid on his difficult childhood.

Donte says, "I lived in a mansion and went to school in a stretch limo.

"But when we went home we would be locked in our rooms. I didn't have a toilet, just a small pot in the room. It was humiliating."

15/12/2003 13:36