Phil Collins will never return to performing because he doesn't want to do things ''half-assed''.

The multi-talented musician was forced to quit music after years of playing The Drums caused nerve damage to his hands and affected his hearing, and he insists he won't make a comeback because he can't deal with being a shadow of his former self.

Phil - who started his career in Genesis - explained: ''I can't play like I used to. And I don't want to go out there and do it half-assed. I don't want to be a shadow of what I was so I've just kind of willingly stood back.''

Phil, 61, also revealed he has lost his ambition because he just wants to spent time with his kids instead of writing and performing.

The 'In The Air Tonight' singer - who has two sons Nicholas and Matthew with his third wife Orianne Cevey, and three children, including actress Lily Collins, from his two previous marriages - told Rolling Stone magazine: ''I don't anticipate playing anymore and I don't particularly anticipate writing anymore. I've kind of put that side of my life on hold mainly because I feel like I've earned this opportunity to do nothing.

''And I have young children so I don't feel the drive to go out there and compete anymore.''