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What Happened To 'The Angriest Man In Brooklyn'?

Mila Kunis Robin Williams Peter Dinklage Louis C.K. Phil Alden Robinson

It had the promise to be a supremely enjoyable farcical comedy, yet The Angriest Man In Brooklyn has positively bombed across the board, receiving a paltry 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics loathe it whilst audiences are equally unenthused after a slew of damning reviews posited the film as an appalling failure that benefits nobody- cast or audience. But where did it all go wrong?

Kunis at the 2014 MTV AwardsKulis' performance has been singled out as particularly bland.

The film itself is a remake of the Israeli film called The 92 Minutes Of Mr. Baum and the plot seems to fit succinctly with Robin Williams’s trademark style of hyperactive comedy and melancholy redemption. A cantankerous man is wrongly informed by his doctor that he only has ninety minutes to live, prompting Williams character, Henry Altman, on a race against time to make amends with his family members who he has mistreated over the years. Henry’s doctor, played by Mila Kunis, suffers a lapse of judgement after being in the midst of a bad day herself, and scurries across Brooklyn to track down Henry and correct her mis-diagnosis.

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Freedom Song Review

Long and annoying have been the boasts of TNT of its status as "the best movie studio on television." With that celebrity narrator whose voice you know by heart and whose name always escapes you, TNT's advertisements for its latest western directed by Bill Pullman, or, in this case, Gandhi-rip off starring Danny Glover pop up right in the middle of the TV edit for an old movie that you could probably go without seeing and normally cause people like me to switch to the upper-channel echelon of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and The Movie Channel... where I don't have to bother about hearing from some moron boasting that their station produces really good "made-for-TV" movies as if this was something to be proud about.

Having finally caved in and sampled TNT, having sampled HBO on a fairly regular basis, I can now say without a doubt that not only is TNT not the best movie studio on television... it is by far one of the worst. With large payments towards directors who do not demonstrate fair ability, TNT seems to reward the kind of schlock-TV that has made "TV-movie" into a status symbol in the film industry.

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Field Of Dreams Review

Briefly, the plot of Field of Dreams: A thirty-something man hears voices from a Higher Power, abandons his ties to his family, wanders the earth gathering a passel of believers, suffers the mocking laughter of his townspeople but soon redeems himself, and, finally, is reconciled with his father. Say what you want about Kevin Costner, but you can't say he never played Jesus Christ.

In the '90s, Costner's messianic ambitions - his belief that his aw-shucks Everyman demanded an epic canvas to match his bank account - produced some of the worst films ever made. But his attitude works perfectly in 1989's Field of Dreams (based on the book Shoeless Joe) because the setting is appropriately modest; if we could never buy him as a post-apocalyptic savior, he's just fine as a middle-class hero. Costner plays Ray Kinsella, a rat-race refugee who's moved his wife Anni (Amy Madigan) and daughter Karin (Gaby Hoffmann) to a farmhouse in Iowa. One evening, alone amongst the corn, Ray hears a voice tell him, "If you build it, they will come." A vision of a baseball field is presented before him, and he immediately sets to work re-creating it, believing that it might help him better understand his late father, from whom he was long estranged.

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Sneakers Review

A delirious guilty pleasure, Sneakers is about as probable as me parting the Red Sea -- and just as fun. I mean, can you imagine: Redford, Poitier, Strathairn, Aykroyd, Phoenix, McDonnell, Kingsley -- all in one film? You'd expect at least six Oscars just on names alone. No such luck here, but this latter-day WarGames is an all-out riot.
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