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'It's A Dream Come True': Paul Rudd Marvels Over 'Ant-Man' Role

Paul Rudd Peyton Reed

Paul Rudd is set to make his superhero debut as the newest addition to the Marvel film franchise: 'Ant-Man'. And while it's a first for him to be taking on his first comic-book based role, he was facing something a little different to the previous Marvel films.

Paul Rudd in Ant-ManPaul Rudd says working on 'Ant-Man' was a lot of fun

Not only is 'Ant-Man' Paul Rudd's first Marvel adventure, but it's also the comic book character's first movie; though looking at how cool it looks, it's difficult to understand why he has been ignored until now. 'It feels really strange, and cool, to be part of the Marvel universe', says Rudd. 'But to put on that suit - which, by the way, I think is the coolest looking suit of all of them - it's impossible not to feel a little bit like a superhero.'

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Ant-Man Trailer

When you need someone to break into a place and steal something, a career cat burglar is your best bet. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is in jail, which isn't the best start, but when Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) needs a thief, Lang is still his man. Pym was once a miniature superhero known as Ant-Man, yet when Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) takes over his company and tries to mass-market the powerful Ant-Man suits, Pym hires Lang to break in and steal the suit back. From there, he must become the Ant-Man - no matter how much he hates the name.

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Ant-Man Trailer

An awful lot has happened in the world - A Second World War super soldier has risen from the dead, a billionaire playboy has revealed himself as a costumed superhero, and the Norse God of thunder himself has come to earth on four occasions. So for Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a petty criminal entrusted with the secret of his mentor's super-secret substance designed to shrink a person, it should be seen as just another day in the life for a person of planet Earth. Now, with the ability to shrink his down to a minuscule size while increasing his strength, Ant-Man is born.

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Who Is The New 'Ant-Man' Director, Peyton Reed?

Peyton Reed Paul Rudd

So Ant-Man finally has a director and his name is Peyton Reed, the search is over. The announcement may come as surprise to some, as Reed's name seemed to be a pretty late addition to the race, but Marvel clearly saw enough in the Bring It On director to entrust him with their most contraversial project to date. He might not be that well known name, unlike Adam McKay who turned down the position last week, but the Reed does have some pretty apt credentials, which may mean the troubled film has fallen into good hands. Now he's officially in, let's get to know Peyton Reed a little better.

Peyton ReedPeyton Reed, Marvel's new (ant) man

Reed has quite the diverse CV, with credits ranging from animated series to big screen comedies. His career began in television, working on the the animated ‘Back to the Future’ series in the early 90s, directing the live action sequences. He would also go on to help create the Universal studios attraction ‘Back To The Future: The Ride’ based on the franchise.

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Ant-Man's Yes-Man is Peyton Reed. He's Directing The Film, Okay?

Peyton Reed Edgar Wright Paul Rudd

After weeks of speculation following Edgar Wright’s high profile Ant-Man departure, a new director has finally been revealed: Peyton Reed will now helm the project starring Paul Rudd and set for release in 2015. 

Peyton ReedPeyton Reed at the premiere of 'Yes-Man' back in 2008

Reed is most notable for Yes-Man, the 2008 comedy starring Jim Carrey, but his most critically acclaimed work is 2000’s Bring It On. His highest grossing film is The Break Up, starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. 

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Picture - Peyton Reed London, England, Tuesday 9th December 2008

Peyton Reed Tuesday 9th December 2008 The UK premiere of 'Yes Man' held at Vue Leicester Square London, England

Peyton Reed
Peyton Reed

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