Petra Nemcova thinks models with tattoos are ''edgy''.

The veteran supermodel feels photographers are beginning to embrace body art because they add ''character'' and make models - such as It girl Cara Delevingne, who recently adorned herself with two tattoos - stand out in photoshoots.

Beautiful Cara, 20, caused controversy when she had a lion inked on her index finger last week, with critics speculating that it would hinder her modelling career, but Petra disagrees.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz exclusively at the F&F autumn/winter 2013 fashion show, she said: ''Actually, the photographers prefer if you don't cover it up with make-up and it is easier for them to take it out [digitally]. But often, for editorial, they give you character so they really like it.

''Nowadays, I think it's so easy to take it out [with retouching] if you really don't want it, but if you want it, it becomes more edgy and tells more of a story.''

Cara followed up her first tattoo with a second one in as many weeks on Monday (20.05.13), this time having her initials - 'CJD' - inked on the side of her right hand.

Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue covergirl Petra also has numerous tattoos, including one on her wrist - the number '108' - which has significant meaning.

She said: ''It is a very powerful number spiritually. For example, in Buddhism you have 108 prayer beads. It keeps you reminded to stay true to the important things, to keep calm, and to stay true to yourself and the universe.

''It's a reminder for me of important things and how to get through life.''