Petra Nemcova credits her perfect figure to chocolate.

The Czech supermodel doesn't like to deprive herself of sweet treats and while she enjoys a very healthy diet on the whole, she regularly kicks off her day with organic chocolate to give her a boost of energy.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the F&F autumn/winter 2013 fashion show last night (16.05.13), Petra said: ''Often my breakfast is actually green tea and chocolate so it is like energy, when I need an extra lift or extra wake up call, that's what I have for breakfast.

''I eat lots of chocolate! I am not just healthy, healthy, I love Green & Blacks so every time I come to London, I do have my joys.''

The statuesque beauty - who created the Happy Hearts Fund charity in 2005 to help children in natural disaster areas - says her passion for animal rights influences her diet just as much as her desire to say fit and healthy, particularly because of her family history of diabetes.

Petra explained: ''I am very healthy, I don't eat meat, I don't eat chicken in the US, I eat chicken when I know it is organic and farm raised. I don't eat fish unless it is caught by a local fisherman or sustainable fishing.

''Some of my diet is because of being healthy and some of my diet is due to caring for animals so it is sort of a mix.

''Part of it is being healthy in my figure and looking slim, but part of it is because I have diabetes in my family, and I know this is the best investment I can do because diabetes can get very complicated.''

The star-studded fashion event in London was also attended by singer Alexandra Burke, '90210' actress Jessica Lowndes and JLS singer J.B. Gill.