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Grudge Match Review


It's a little annoying that this high-concept marketing project (Rocky vs Raging Bull!) is as entertaining as it is: we want to hate it, as tired actors are sending up their own faded images. But while the script never even tries to be something interesting, it at least gives the stars some engaging scenes to work with. And we can't help but cheer for them in the end.

The film stars with a bit of history (and digital trickery), as young bucks Henry "Razor" Sharp and Billy "The Kid" McDonnen (Stallone and De Niro) battle it out back in 1982. Local fans in Pittsburgh are divided between them and are hugely disappointed when, at the peak of their fame, Razor suddenly retires before a climactic rematch. Now some 30 years later, a young promoter (Hart) decides to finally get them back together in the ring. But this stirs up an old feud involving Kid's affair with Razor's wife Sally (Basinger), which resulted in a son BJ (Bernthal), who's now a father himself. Can these two men possibly work together to promote their epic grudge match?

Silly question. Of course they start off gruffly snarling at each other but eventually find the expected mutual respect. And that's about the extent of the acting required of these two iconic stars. Add some fast-talking comedy from Hart, veteran battiness from Arkin, steely femininity from Basinger and soulfulness from Bernthal and the film at least has a veneer of complexity. But aside from wondering whether the filmmakers will fudge the final match so no one loses (they don't), there isn't much to worry about.

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Grudge Match Trailer

In years gone by, Henry 'Razor' Sharp and Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen were at the top of their profession, they were two of the best boxers on the national circuit. Both Pittsburgh residents, the men met in the ring on a number of occasions and had equally beat one and other. The boxers were meant to meet for one final showdown fight in 1983, but 'The Kid' suddenly announced his retirement and cancelled the fight it made for an abrupt end to both the men's careers. 

Now, thirty years after the fight that never was, the men are once again put face to face and their initial meeting does not make for a happy reunion. A pathertic attempt at a war of words soon escalates into a full on brawl, the video of which instantly becomes a viral sensation. 

Seeing an opportunity to cash in, boxing promoter Dante Slate Jr arranges for the two former local heroes to meet in the ring once again. The only problem with that is the men have been inactive for 30 years and both of them at incredibly out of shape. Will there ever be any chance of Razor and The Kid finding out who is Pittsburgh's best ever fighter? 

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Peter Segal Shoots Multiple Endings For Grudge Match

Peter Segal Robert De Niro Sylvester Stallone

Director Peter Segal has filmed multiple endings for his new boxing movie with Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone in a bid to keep the movie's conclusion under wraps ahead of its release.

De Niro, who famously portrayed fighter Jake LaMotta in cult classic Raging Bull, goes head to head with Rocky star Stallone for the new action film, about a pair of ageing sports rivals who are coaxed out of retirement for one last match, and the veteran actor reveals they had to slug it out for several rounds for the shoot so no one onset could leak the ending and spoil the picture for fans.

During an interview on U.S. breakfast show Today, De Niro explained, "Pete Segal, the director, shot the ending three ways, where I win, or he wins, or we both win or lose, I forget that, but because there were so many extras around, he didn't want anyone to give it away."

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Sylvester Stallone Confirmed For Grudge Match

Sylvester Stallone Peter Segal Doug Ellin Robert De Niro

Sylvester Stallone has been confirmed to star in 'Grudge Match'.

The 'Rocky' legend has signed up to play a retired fighter who decides to re-enter the boxing ring and face off against Robert De Niro's alter-ego in the upcoming Warner Bros. action comedy.

Rumours of the film have circulated since October 2010, but it has officially been given the go-ahead after the leading men successfully re-negotiated their roles, Deadline reports.

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De Niro And Stallone In Talks For Grudge Match

Robert De Niro Doug Ellin Jake La Motta Peter Segal Rocky Sylvester Stallone The Ring The Script

Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone are officially in talks to star in 'Grudge Match'.

The pair are favoured by director Peter Segal for the boxing movie - which tells the tale of two rival boxers who are tempted back into The Ring for one last bout despite neither of them having fought for years -and are currently negotiating their roles, according to entertainment website The Wrap.

The comedy, which was first announced in 2010, will see the pair go head-to-head in the ultimate boxing face-off. Doug Ellin, the creator of popular TV series 'Entourage', has been chosen by Warner Bros to write The Script.

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Stallone And De Niro's Grudge Match?

Sylvester Stallone Abbie Cornish Bradley Cooper Jake La Motta Jason Statham Peter Segal Robert De Niro Rocky The Ring

Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are set to star in action comedy 'Grudge Match'.

The pair are favoured by director Peter Segal for the boxing movie - which tells the tale of two rival boxers who are tempted back into The Ring for one last bout despite neither of them having fought for years - and will film the roles next year.

A Hollywood insider said: "Stallone and De Niro are expected to come on board as they're both fans of the director and have both sent themselves up in comedies in recent years.

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Get Smart Review

Remaking the satirical '60s spy sitcom Get Smart without Steve Carell in the Maxwell Smart role would have been pretty dumb.

Lucky for them -- and, by extension, us -- the creative team behind this rejuvenated Smart wisely tapped the unassuming funnyman to fill the late Don Adams' telephone-disguised-as-a-shoe. Carell's nimble turn as a calculatedly incompetent agent of CONTROL ensures that this modern spin on an outdated television property -- while rarely intelligent -- is consistently witty.

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Premiere Of 'Get Smart' At Mann's Village Theater - Arrivals

Peter Segal and Son - Peter Segal and Son Westwood, California - Premiere of 'Get Smart' at Mann's Village Theater - Arrivals Monday 16th June 2008

Peter Segal and Son

Gyllenhaal To Play Captain Marvel?

Brokeback Mountain Jake Gyllenhaal Batman Superman Peter Segal Spider Man Sam Raimi Tobey Maguire

Executives at Hollywood film studio New Line are desperately trying to sign Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal as CAPTAIN MARVEL in SHAZAM!
The studio is looking to bid on a big franchise along the lines of Batman and Superman and think the movie, which is based on the DC comic, is the perfect project.
A source tells the New York Daily News, "They're ready to spend up to $200 million (GBP103 million) to get it started."
Sources say director Peter Segal and his fellow producers want to sign the star before SPIDER-MAN director Sam Raimi can get to him.
Raimi is reportedly on the lookout for a new Spider-Man after current star Tobey Maguire recently said he is ready to move on and let someone else play the role.

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