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Frank Sinatra's California Villa Up For Sale

Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Sammy Davis Peter Lawford Joey Bishop

Frank Sinatra's custom-designed California villa has gone on sale for $3.9 million.

The 'New York, New York' singer - who passed away aged 82 in 1998 - lived in the property for over a decade in the 70s and is said to have used his private helicopter to fly guests in for parties with himself and the other members of the Rat Pack including Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop.

The stunning villa - which is now on the market for almost $4 million - is hidden in the mountains above California's Coachella Valley and boasts three bedrooms and six bathrooms in the main house as well a further three beds and five baths in the guest house.

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Fbi: 'Monroe Was Tricked Into Suicide'

Marilyn Monroe Philippe Mora Some Like It Hot Peter Lawford

A secret FBI report on the death of Marilyn Monroe alleges the tragic star was tricked into killing herself by her associates - including former US attorney general, ROBERT KENNEDY.
Monroe, 36, was found lying naked, faced down on her bed at her Brentwood, California home on 5 August 1962. A coroner ruled the cause of death as 'probable suicide' by barbiturate poisoning, but many conspiracy theorists believe her rumoured affair with Kennedy had something to do with her unexpected death.
However, the newly-released FBI file - which was uncovered by Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora - suggests the Some Like It Hot star was persuaded to make a suicide bid with the understanding that she would be rescued in time.
But the report speculates she was left to die in an elaborate plot which included her psychiatrist RALPH GREENSON, her housekeeper EUNICE MURRAY, her press secretary PAT NEWCOMB and actor Peter Lawford, who was married to Kennedy's sister PATRICIA.
The document, which was given to the FBI in October 1964, alleges Lawford "knew from Marilyn's friends that she often made suicide attempts" to gain sympathy. He is accused of making "special arrangements" with Greenson to provide Monroe with the means to commit a drugs overdose.
The report says, "Robert Kennedy made a telephone call to Peter Lawford to find out if Marilyn was dead yet.
"Marilyn expected to have her stomach pumped and get sympathy for her suicide attempt. The psychiatrist did not come to see her until after she was known to be dead."
The file also alleges Monroe was silenced because she had threatened to reveal a "romance and sex affair" with Kennedy, whom she realised would never leave his wife ETHEL for her.

Horror Legend Kirk Dies At 79

Phyllis Kirk The House Of Wax Vincent Price Peter Lawford The Thin Man CBS

Phyllis Kirk, the star of horror classic The House Of Wax, has died at the Motion Picture + Television Hospital in California. She was 79.
The actress died on Thursday (19OCT06) from a post-cerebral aneurysm, according to her former publicist.
Kirk shot to fame as a model in the 1940s before embarking on a Broadway stage career. She made her Hollywood debut after signing to Samuel Goldwyn Productions in OUR VERY OWN.
As well as her scream queen role alongside Vincent Price in 1953's 3-D masterpiece House Of Wax, Kirk is also remembered as the screen wife of Peter Lawford in hit TV series The Thin Man.
She ended her career as a publicist for TV network CBS and retired in 1992 to concentrate on her activism - she was an outspoken opponent of the death penalty.

Patricia Kennedy Lawford Dies

Peter Lawford John F Kennedy

PATRICIA KENNEDY LAWFORD, the former wife of Rat Pack playboy Peter Lawford, died at her home in New York yesterday (17SEP06). She was 82.
The sister of assassinated US President John F Kennedy died from complications from pneumonia.
Kennedy Lawford was a Hollywood it girl in the 1940s and 1950s and wed British actor Lawford in 1954.
In a statement, her brother, Massachusetts Democratic Senator EDWARD KENNEDY, writes, "My sister Pat is irreplaceable. Everyone who knew Pat adored her. She was admired for her great style, for her love and support of the arts, her wit and generosity."

Kennedy Lawford Inherited Womanising Ways

Christopher Kennedy Lawford Peter Lawford John F Kennedy Frank Sinatra

Actor Christopher Kennedy Lawford confesses he has inherited the womanising ways of his famous male relatives.

Lawford's father was rat pack member Peter Lawford and his uncle was late US President John F Kennedy, and he grew up surrounded by some of the generation's most famous lotharios, including Frank Sinatra.

And their eye for the ladies rubbed off on him: "In moments of weakness I stare at pretty girls. I have lots of moments of weakness."

The Longest Day Review

D-Day wasn't just fought at Omaha Beach, though Hollywood may have thought so before The Longest Day. D-Day involved a cast of thousands, and it took producer Darryl Zanuck, five screenwriters, four directors, and three hours just to bring it to the big screen. In fact, Spielberg cribbed large chunks of this film verbatim for Saving Private Ryan. Ultimately, Ryan is the better picture, but The Longest Day shows you more of the story (and it's closer to reality), from the paratrooper force sent in as a diversion, to a half-dozen beach battles, to the French Resistance and how they helped. Aside from a great war tale, Day also marks what must be the only film where you can see John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Fabián, Sal Mineo, Eddie Albert, Red Buttons, Peter Lawford, and Sean Connery all fighting the same war. And on the same side, no less.

Dead Ringer Review

1964's Dead Ringer is the middle film in Bette Davis's personal trilogy of tacky terror, falling between the unforgettable What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and the slightly more forgettable but still tacky and terrifying Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte. It almost seems as if Davis was trying to keep up with Joan Crawford, her archenemy and Baby Jane co-star, whose axe-murderess epic Strait-Jacket came out the same year. It's safe to say that 1964 was a weird year down at the Bijou.

Dead Ringer is a classic good twin/bad twin murder mystery and identity swap that will keep you on your toes. Davis, directed her by her Now, Voyager co-star Paul Henreid, plays the twins: Edie Phillips, the down-on-her-luck twin who runs a seedy bar in downtown L.A., and Margaret Phillips DeLorca, the just-widowed wife of an outrageously rich Spanish nobleman who lives in an enormous mansion decorated to look like a 17th-century Andalusian monastery. It's ookey and it's spooky.

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Advise And Consent Review

Everybody loves Henry Fonda -- but what if he was a freakin' commie!?

Otto Preminger turned his eyes from the legal system (Anatomy of a Murder) to American politics in the underseen and tragically underappreciated Advise and Consent.

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Monroe Had 'Poor Hygiene'

Peter Lawford Marilyn Monroe Some Like It Hot Christopher Kennedy Lawford Lana Turner

British actor Peter Lawford refused to sleep with Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, because he was repulsed by her personal hygiene.

Lawford, who later married PATRICIA KENNEDY, grew close to the Some Like It Hot beauty through his friendship with FRANK SINATRA - but he turned down the chance to get intimate, according to his son Christopher Kennedy Lawford.

The actor did, however, get very intimate with PEYTON PLACE star Lana Turner, who he regarded as the best lover he had.

Sinatra Turned Violent After Kennedy Snub

Frank Sinatra Bing Crosby Peter Lawford Sonny King

Singing legend Frank Sinatra flew into a violent rage after former US President JOHN F KENNEDY snubbed him to stay with singer Bing Crosby during a trip to California, according to a new biography of the star.

SINATRA: THE LIFE, by ANTHONY SUMMERS and ROBBYN SWAN, claims Sinatra had his Palm Springs mansion completely refurbished to create a "western White House" ready for the president's 1962 visit - and was furious when Kennedy chose to spend time with Cosby instead.

Fellow ratpacker Peter Lawford remembers in the book, "He spent thousands. Put in guest quarters, extra telephones, even a helipad.

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